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Alan Burnett – September 2013

Wallace, World War 2 and The Independence Debate

The Allan Burnett Visit

William Wallace

Author and Historian Allan Burnett 26 September visited school on Thursday 26 September and spoke to all S1 in the hall about William Wallace. But, this wasn’t just a talk, it was an interactive session, with pupils dressing up as Wallace, his wife Mirren, King Edward 1 of Scotland and Alexander of Scotland. S1 pupils were a brilliant audience, with lots of enthusiasm and great answers to Allan’s questions. Lots of books were sold and then signed by Allan.

World War 2

Allan led a smaller session in the library with S4 History pupils on aspects of World War 2.

He spoke about people he had interviewed who had been in Moray and Banffshire during World War 2. He linked these people into his talk about life for ordinary people, the nature of Nazi control, treatment of Jews and other minorities, as well as resistance and collaboration during WW2.

He left the S4 pupils with a follow-up task, which is that they have to find a WW2 photograph in a book, exhibition or online. They have to research the photograph and write a report about what the photograph tells us. Who is in it? What are they doing? What aspects of the war does it relate to?

S4 pupils were extremely positive about the session with Allan and spoke about the visit the following day, with several buying a copy of his book.

Independence Referendum

Allan also spoke to S6 pupil Scot Hunter, about how Scottish history influences the Independence debate:

“As a part of sixth year I am taking part in the International Baccalaureate in Social Sciences. This involves me undertaking independent study and making my own contacts in and outside of school. As my project focuses on how Scottish history influences voting behaviour, I prepared a few questions for Allan Burnett, a well known Scottish historian who was visiting the school to talk to S1 and S4. I thought it would be a great opportunity to get professional views and opinions on the matter. His answers where very detailed and lead to many thought provoking discussions. It was a very useful experience as I gained a lot of knowledge as well as my mind being opened up to areas I haven’t even considered.” Scot Hunter.