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Barry Hutchison – March 2013

Report and interview are below:

We really enjoyed the visit by Barry Hutchison to school on Wednesday. He was entertaining and explained his books really well. He was never boring.We enjoyed his stories, especially the one about the squirrel disguised as an old lady and the story about peeing. 13 out of 23 of us will read all of the Invisible Fiends now. We feel that having an author in school not only encourages us to read, it encourages us to WRITE!  (Mr Clark’s S1.2 class)

Interview with Barry Hutchison

Second-time Scottish Children’s Book Award winner Barry Hutchison was invited to Elgin Academy following the release of his award-winning book ‘The 13th Horseman’. Barry visited the school on Wednesday 20 March to meet with all of S1. Two S4 pupils, Eilidh Green and Ross Cumming, were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to interview him after his talk.

Barry said that he was amazed to have been nominated for this award, let alone win it again, especially as the other shortlisted books were so good. ‘The 13th Horseman’ was inspired by Barry’s time in university in Aberdeen. He had had three room-mates, whose traits found their way into the characters in this book and who have to learn to get along with each other – something which sadly didn’t happen with all of Barry’s room-mates. Barry has many different inspirations and influences on his writing, but he did say that he has based many of his books on experiences from his own childhood, as well as using stories from religion and myths.

Barry has two websites: www.barryhutchison.com and www.invisiblefiends.com and he said that he really hopes they both help to encourage more children to read and perhaps open up his books to a whole new audience. Although his books are aimed at children, Barry is also gaining a rather large adult fan base and so maybe his websites are a factor in this.

Barry was kind enough to share a few tips for anyone who is interested in becoming a writer, with the advice to read books of every genre, both fiction and non-fiction. You can see how other writers use writing techniques and spot the differences between what makes a good writer and a bad one.

Eilidh Green and Ross Cumming  S4