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S1 Book Talks – Action & Adventure and Visiting Author – September 2019

S1 classes begin with the theme of Adventure and the focus is on three books: The Rise of Wolves by our visiting author Kerr Thomson is a classic and atmospheric adventure, which features a gripping plot, stunning setting and great characters. Innis hears it first – a bloodcurdling howl that stops him dead in his …

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S1 Reading Diaries introduced on 13 September 2019

 S1 reading diaries were introduced to class 1.2 on Friday 13 September and pupils are good to go! After in-service days on 16 and 17 September, S1 pupils will have their first library book talk, begin paired reading AND their diaries. No wonder they look happy🙋‍♀️😀🙋‍♂️

S1 library periods and induction classes August 2019

S1 pupils have a regular library period, during their English classes and this is used for personal reading, for projects and for the book talk programme. Book talks are delivered by Mrs Toonen, on a variety of themes and pupils are encouraged to contribute and to participate in discussion. S1 pupils also record their personal …

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S1 Book Talks April 2019

S1 Book Talks April 2019: Keeping It Real Non-Fiction Real things Real People Real Things Real Events Real Places INFORMATION BOOKS We shall be looking at, reading and discussing: Nasty Nature (Horrible Science) by Nick Arnold All the animals in HORRIBLE SCIENCE: NASTY NATURE are the deadliest, most disgusting and nastiest things that nature has …

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Epic and Awesome Book Talks 14 March 2019

Class 1.6 shared their super-powers. If they were COLAS (children with limitless abilities) what would they have as their super-power? Well, thre were telekinesis, teleportation, becoming invisible and super-speed. All in response to this month’s S1 book talk which includes the Unleashed series by Ali Sparkes. Heart-stopping adventures for all! Epic! and Awesome! Said pupils …

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How Many Portals? Fantasy and Sci-Fi Book Talk 12 March 2019

There was good chat with class 1.1 about portals in our Fantasy & Sci-Fi book talk on Tuesday 12 March. The list included the TARDIS (Doctor Who) the wall & fireplace (Harry Potter) rabbit hole (Alice) wardrobe (Narnia) and … the caves (Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children) Fab! And there was a big thumbs-up👍 …

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S1 Book Talks : Fantasy & Science Fiction 11-15 March 2019

What is fantasy? A genre of fiction which draws on magic and the supernatural world Often exists in parallel worlds Very often draw on mythical stories Almost always good vs evil Sometimes includes time shift stories What is Science Fiction? Although this may draw on other worlds, sci-fi is usually futuristic in approach Rooted in …

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Sherman Joined the S1 Book Talks – 15 February 2019

We enjoyed the last period of the day hugely on Friday 15 February. Our visitor, Sherman, joined class 1.7’s book talk and showed his appreciation of other times and places. He especially enjoyed hearing about the Amazon rainforest and The Explorer by Katherine Rundell. Always lovely to welcome visitors 🐶📚  

S1 Book Talks – Other Times and Places and Books by Visiting Author Matthew Fitt – February 2019

Our book talks, during the week beginning 11 February, were all about Other Times and Other Places AND books by one of our soon-to-be visiting authors Matthew Fitt. There has been lots of chat with classes and there was a very good discussion with class 1.5 about author Judith Kerr and about how her book …

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S1 Book Talks – Classics 14 – 17 January 2019

S1 pupils began the New Year with classic novels during their book talks, during the week 14 January. Swallows and Amazons, Anne of Green Gables, Little Women, Treasure Island and Watership Down. All are part of our S1 book talks for January. Two classes on Monday 14 January enjoyed lots of book chat, media adaptations …

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