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Book PenPals Author and Postcards 20 June 2019

Individual postcards were received on Thursday 20 June from our @bookpenpals author Kathryn Evans @KathrynEvansInk for pupils in Novelties Book Club. Thank you to Kathryn! Brandon, Daniel, Michael and Natalie will be delighted. Ab-fab recommendations for summer holiday reading 💜⛱️📚 From Kathryn: “Work hard, but enjoy life and friends.” What a brilliant message from our …

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Novelties Book Club Reading Recommendation Postcards 29 May 2019

Novelties Book Club on Wednesday 29 May was all about these beautiful postcards of Elgin and Moray. Sharing reading recommendations with our @bookpenpals author Kathryn Evans.   Brandon has really enjoyed The Rise of Wolves by Kerr Thomson and wrote about it on his postcard to our @bookpenpals author Kathryn Evans. He mentions another famous …

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Book Pen Pals Author Reading Recommendation April 2019

Our April book pen pal post is a lovely ‘cheesy’ new postcard from our @bookpenpals author @KathrynEvansInk Her recommendation this month is One Shot @tanya_landman On order & will hit the target!  Inspired by the life of infamous sharpshooter Annie Oakley🎯 Full of heart, says Kathryn 📚💜

Book Pen Pals Postcard 1 March 2019

Loved our post on Friday 1 March. A postcard & reading recommendation from Kathryn Evans our  @bookpenpals author. Who Let The Gods Out? @MaryAliceEvans is a Great Read.  Kathryn’s lovely postcard is on the library desk. Previous ones are in the Reading Recommendations folder. Pupils have recommended a great read for our @bookpenpals author @KathrynEvansInk …

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