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World Book Day planning 17 February 2020

What are Fay & Jessica in S5 up to? Smiling, at the library desk? Creating something very red? That might be read. Find out on World Book Day in a couple of weeks. 5 March #SaveTheDate 💜📚. #teamEA #collaborating #connecting #creating #reading #learning #havingfun.

World Book Day – Drop Everything & Read and Heroes & Villains Event – 7 March 2019

World Book Day was on Thursday 7 March – and was a celebration of reading, books, authors and illustrators. Everyone joined in with our own big, happy, booky day of reading: We DROPPED EVERYTHING AND READ for 15 minutes on from 10:10am. In the library, S6 students Rosie & Sophie were ready. Down went the study …

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Preparations and Pupil Library Assistants for Heroes & Villains on 6 March 2019

The library assistants have been busy getting the library ready for our World Book Day lunchtime event on 7 March: Heroes & Villains in Just a Minute Challenge. Brandon in S1 MADE this mask for Robin, one of our panellists. Bet you won’t work out who Robin is….. Or, maybe some of you will…😍📚 The …

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Comic Characters Club Buzzing on 25 February 2019

What a buzzing Comic Character Club on Tuesday 25 February! Everyone is very excited about our World Book Day event on Thursday 7 March: Heroes & Villains in Just a Minute Challenge. There was good chat about progress with the Excelsior Award and time to complete Books That Make Us Go WOW! cards too. Fun …

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Which Book Made You Go WOW? For World Book Day on 7 March 2019

WOW! Or, specifically, Which Book Made You Go WOW? Tell all. Either on our slips of paper on the library desk, or on the book blackboard. Hamish in S1 started the ball rolling for us on Tuesday 25 February, but watch out for chalk dust! Recommend a Great Read This week & next for World …

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World Book Day 7 March – Plans Go Live on 26 February 2019

World Book Day is on Thursday 7 March and a day of events and activities is planned to celebrate stories and to encourage a love of reading. We will DROP EVERYTHING AND READ for 15 minutes and we will all ‘down tools’ for 15 minutes to enjoy our reading across the school. An exciting event …

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The Big Balloon Debate for World Book Day 2018

The Big Balloon Debate for World Book Day Thursday 1 March Meet the Mad Hatter, Velma Dinkley, Asterix, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Sherlock Holmes too. All were ready to fight their cases and secure votes, so that they could remain in the balloon. Each character in our balloon gave impassioned speeches and appealed …

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DEAR on The Day – World Book Day 2018

Drop Everything and Read for World Book Day Thursday 1 March   Our DEAR began at 10.30 and lasted for 15 minutes. It was great to see everyone in school stopping what they were doing, to pick up books and enjoy reading. S2 pupils were reading in the library in today’s whole-school event. Dropping Everything …

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Setting The Scene – World Book Day 2018

The Library is ready for The BIG Balloon Debate The library assistants and Novelties Book Club pupils combined superpowers on 28 February, to transform our space for World Book Day on Thursday 1 March. What a Top Team 💜📚. The scene is set for our BIG Balloon Debate and we are festooned with balloons and …

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Writes of Passage – World Book Day 2018

Writes of Passage We have a bright and vibrant display at the library door for World Book Day, filled with our Writes of Passage cards. All about Which Book made You Go WOW?! Lots did and everyone is enjoying reading these.

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