Getting grounded!

Getting Grounded! CPD session Thursday 17 November 2016

We welcomed colleagues from Moray, Aberdeen City and Aberdeen-shire to school on Thursday 17 November, to hear about our Literacy and Mental health project in school. Mr Clark and Mrs Toonen led the project, with great support from Emma Lamont at Scottish Book Trust. All were delighted to welcome colleagues and to share information, reflections and recommendations about the project.

Mr Clark spoke about the rationale of the project and the learning outcomes, as well as the progress of the project and its way forward. Mrs Toonen spoke about its methodology and links with partners and about the library’s input and impact on learning and teaching. Both Mr Clark and Mrs Toonen shared their experiences of learning and teaching and of liaison with partners both in school and outside school. There was continual dialogue and liaison with the Guidance team in school, who will now take the project forward and there were good sessions with external partners Moray Wellbeing Hub, SAMH Elgin and with graphic novelist, Adam Murphy.  Emma, from Scottish Book Trust provided free resources & told us more about Authors Live projects and pupils’ work was on display for everyone to have a look.

Feedback from participants was that this was a worthwhile CPD session, with two comments of “inspirational”. It was great to share our project!