Harry Potter Book Night Party Wednesday 6 February 2019

We were transformed into Hogwarts for Harry Potter Book Night Party on Wednesday 6 February and we welcomed the arrival of Professors MacGonagall, Dumbledore, Burbage and Madam Pince, Hermoine and of course, Harry. Ready for some magic!

Professor Dumbledore was kept busy with the Sorting Hat ceremony and everyone was very excited about our fifth Harry Potter Book Night.

Well, we had lots of wizards running around. Managed to catch these too, Jake and Mr MacKay.

Our classes at #Hogwarts are very popular and can be oversubscribed, especially Professor Vector’s Magical Maths class and Hermoine’s Spells class.

The Great Hall Feast, a treasure hunt, listening to a reading from The Chamber of Secrets and it was Good times, by all who were at Hogwarts.

Queues were HUGE to see our VIP, the Slytherin snake, but so worth it.

Time for a song? Harry, Ginny and Hemoine got everyone singing the Hogwarts song.

Muggles, witches and wizards all had a magical time today.

We think Professor Dumbledore @TeamElginAcad was happy with everything at #Hogwarts today. We had a good day.

Huge thanks to all our wonderful pupil library assistants, especially senior student Nathan 🌟& to all staff and pupils who participated and who came along #teamEA #magic