International Languages Week

International Week in Elgin Academy took place 26 -30 September – and it both celebrated and promoted languages. The Modern Languages department and the Library had created a packed programme of exciting events for all in the school.

The Modern Languages Corridor, the Library and the Canteen were festooned with bunting and flags and there was a different song played each day during registration, with pupils asked to guess the songs and the languages.

For the whole school to be talking Modern Languages, staff had the opportunity to volunteer to greet their classes in any language of their choice during the week.

Lunchtime events included Learn a Language in 15 Minutes, led by senior pupils Maria Waszyrowska and Julia Balczynska, The Big Fat Language Quiz and S2 pupils completed an Around The World Book Challenge during their English Library periods.

The canteen staff cooked a storm of international dishes for all in school to sample and enjoy.

And, the climax of the week, on Thursday, at lunchtime in the library, we had our now annual and hugely popular EAvision Song Contest. This had even more glamour and glitz than before, with four pupil acts, four languages and four judges. This year, we also introduce our new glammy, glitzy host, with sparkling assistants, who aim to ensure that this Eurofun event goes Boom Bang a Boom!