Everyday Sexism Group with Maxine Jolly, Education Scotland 14 November 2019

The S6 Everyday Sexism group met on Thursday 14 November and  were joined by Maxine Jolly from Education Scotland, who was in school for the day. Maxine told pupils about workshops, links & gave ideas for going forward. It was lovely to welcome Maxine and huge thanks to her for coming along.


Author Doug Johnstone with S6 pupils – Second Writing Workshop – 14 November 2019

Wednesday 14 November saw the return visit of Doug Johnstone and his second workshop with S6 pupils. All about bridging the gap between school & university writing.

The coffee was ready after a long drive from Edinburgh on icy roads!

This second Bridge Toolkit with Doug Johnstone was in our cosy conference room. It was all about flow & tone; critical thinking; evidence; stages of writing and proof reading. So valuable for our pupils.


 “Language is always dangerous. Discuss.” And our S6 pupils did.

Evaluating a short story led to discussion. One group had to say why it was good: They said it has a start, middle & end. The other group had to say why it wasn’t good: They said “Show & Tell” and “Robotic rhythm.”

All part of this S6 wonderful writing workshop with @doug_johnstone

Huge thanks to the Bridge project and Royal Literary Fund for these visits.

Young Leaders of Learning presentation 14 November 2019

A presentation from us to Young Leaders of Learning from Forres Academy and Maxine Jolley of Education Scotland.

This was followed by our pupils’ comments. Ally spoke about the library being the Hub of the school and that there is no place like it! Rosa said she loves our library and Sarah shared how pupils feel ownership #lovelibraries

Scottish Teenage Book Prize – Starfish Discussion – 14 November 2019

Starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman was the focus of the Scottish Teenage Book Prize on Thursday 14 November and was full of lively, energising chat.

Insightful comments and opinions were shared by the pupils on some of the book’s themes: social anxiety, gaslighting, identity, narcissism, racism, independence & friendship. All fabulous.


Getting Book Week Scotland Ready 13 and 14 November 2019

The week before and a lk ahead and time to get Book Week Scotland ready.

Novelties Book Club activities were on hold on Wednesday 13 November. There was time for a quick chat and all are going to be either on house teams or scoring in BWS Battle of the Books.

Starting to get Book Week Scotland ready, means time to call in the tall squad. Thanks to S6s, Jamie & Joe, we are getting there.

Our lovely House Leaders are still recruiting for their teams.

The Inter-House and Staff Book Quiz is going to be full of Fun, Teacakes, Books And Blether!

Teams are:

  • The Commissioner Gordons

  • The Legends of Innes
  • The Morayshire
  • Randolph Rocking Readers
  • Seafield Slytherin
  • Fiction Addiction staff team.

It’s all happening during Book Week Scotland in Elgin Academy.







Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize: Live stream of the award ceremony 14 November 2019

Our #Youngscibooks group enjoyed the live stream of the awards ceremony @royalsociety on Wednesday 13 November.

It was great to see a couple of our photos during live stream of the award ceremony.

Louise, Hannah and Bartek were there to see who the winner of the Young People’s Book Prize 2019 be announced.

Huge congratulations from our group. Planetarium by Raman Prinja, illustrated by Chris Wormell is a beautiful book.

Our pupils loved reading the books, sharing them with primary pupils and the whole judging process.

It was a blast! ‍ They had an amazing time on the project


#proud #teamEA

Our film is on YouTube:


Athena Greek Goddess Research 8 November 2019

Friday 8 November was all about Athena and a new information literacy project with class 1.2 and Mrs Randle in the English department. Lots of information was learned and shared about the Olympian goddess of wisdom and war.

Class 1.2 will use their research findings to create their own myth for @CamClassics competition. Pupils had so many ideas for poems, stories, letters and illustrations #imagination #originality #teamEA.

Mrs Randle and Calan in class 1.2 enjoyed sharing books about Athena. Mrs Lee in the Art department talked to pupils about an illustration, graphic novel or a living image of the goddess.

Creativity unleashed! Word bubbles writing & WOW words too. Impressive researchers in the library.



Doug Johnstone Fellow of the Royal Literary Fund – Academic Writing Workshops – 7 November 2019

We were delighted that Doug Johnstone, fellow of the Royal Literary Fund, visited school on 7 November to deliver the first of two inspiring workshops with a group of senior workshops to pupils to help them bridge the gap between school and university writing.

Doug is the author of several young adult novels and some of our pupils were lucky enough to meet him at the Edinburgh Book Festival in August. As part of the Bridge Project, funded by the Royal Literary Fund, Doug will lead two workshops in school. He will focus on developing formal writing skills, bridging the gap between school and further/higher education.



The skills and techniques covered will be of huge benefit to our pupils and will help them bridge the gap between school and university writing.

A bag was passed around by Doug during the first workshop and pupils were asked to take an object from the bag and then to collaborate and write in groups. These included an interesting variety of items!

Huge thanks to the Bridge project and Royal Literary Fund for these visits #informationliteracy #bridgingthegap.

Scottish Teenage Book Prize – One Shot by Tanya Landman discussion – 7 November 2019

The second library session for the Scottish Teenage Book Prize project was on 7 November with One Shot by Tanya Landman. It is based on the life of sharp-shooter Annie Oakley. She was part of the Buffalo Bill Extravaganza. Which came to Elgin!

“Resilient, tenacious, individual”. Words from the pupils to describe Maggie in One Shot. They said she powered through traumas to bring spectacular change. A good discussion enjoyed by all in this Scottish teenage Book Prize session.

And, what about Buffalo Bill in Elgin? WOW!

Connections to be made. It was decided.



Young Leaders of Learning 6 November 2019

Keira, Hannah & Rosa are three of Elgin Academy’s Young Leaders of Learning and they popped in for a chat on 6 November. They are organising a tour of the school for visiting groups and want to include the library and share why they value their school library.

Proud #teamEA


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