So Proud of our Team EA – 20 March 2020

On Thursday 19 March, we issued an invitation to all pupils:

We are open today & tomorrow, so stuff your bag!  Read, read, read: adventures, new worlds, giggles, fun, WOW! moments, lots to learn, to be inspired and to enjoy! All in books AND you can borrow as many as you want. Go on, get in and empty our shelves #teamEA.

We have been so impressed by and proud of our pupils. So many want to take books and so many have visited the library – who haven’t in a long time.



Lots of senior pupils have borrowed books. There is no limit on how many books to take home.



After letting #teamEA know that they can take as many books home as they want and, at any time today & tomorrow…we have been besieged! Class 1.6 photos, especially for class teacher Mr Clark. Fab pupils.


Josh loves Norm by Jonathan Meres and is looking forward to laughs with his favourite character in the days ahead.

We have issued so many books, with our no-limit, anytime, clear the shelves invitation.

S2 Drama pupils asked Mrs Denovan in the Drama department if they could interview teamEA about the penultimate day in school. Questions they asked:

  • How will the closure impact on the library?

  • Has there been more borrowing of books?

  • Are there plans in place such as online resources?

  • Yes to the last two!


Well done Michael, Owen. Casey & Katherine.

Novelties Book Club is amazing. Official!


Our S1- S3 pupils finished school on 19 March and from home on the 20 March, the younger ones sent in the book trailer they’ve been working on – after setting up an online sharing forum at home -sharing soon. They snapped a pic this week & their message: Take care & keep reading!

So proud of our fabulous school community.


Happy Readers 18 March 2020

Photos from our library on the afternoon of 18 March.

Class 2.5 enjoying their reading.

Amazing Ambassadors – Scottish Teenage Book Prize pupils – presentations to S1 classes 17 & 18 March 2020

S3 pupils Vaughan and Irena delivered fabulous presentations to class 1.3 on 17 March. The S1 pupils said the S3 book trailers were “brilliant!”

On Wednesday 18 March, the amazing were S3 pupils: Abigail, Ally, Caitlin and Krzysztof. They read from the 3 shortlisted books, described our collaborative project with the English department and delivered a superb presentation. Pupils in class 1.5 wanted the books! #happyreaders.

Filming, book recommendations and voting – Novelties Book Club – 18 March 2020

What a very busy Novelties Book Club on18 March. Beginning with votes for the Grampian Children’s Book Award 2020.

There are so many good books!


Pupils continued filming their book trailer, inside and outside school.

Novelties Book Club had a ball.

And a pomegranate!

Novelties Book Club pupils are planning lots of reading in the next few weeks.

  • Kate: Cherub series.

  • Grace: I Am Not a Number.

  • Kirsten: Arsenic for Tea.

  • Michael: Animal Farm.

  • Ali: The Iliad & The Odyssey.

  • Rhys: How to Pass Higher Chemistry.

There are lots of books to choose in your library! #teamEA

S3 Scottish Teenage Book Prize Pupils – Takeover S1 Book Talks -16 March 2020

Two S1 classes enjoyed book talks from the S3 Scottish Teenage Book Prize pupils on Monday 16 March.






Class 1.4 heard from Michael & Amber and there were good questions and lots of borrowing too!

Class 1.6 enjoyed chatting to Ivo, Leah & Madison and appreciated their presentations.

S3 Library takeover all week.

The Moray Young Citizen of the Year Awards Ceremony 2020 – Friday 13 March 2020

The Moray Young Citizen of the Year Awards Ceremony 2020 was held on Friday 13 March 2020 at the Mansfield Hotel, in Elgin.

Our S6 Everyday Sexism Group was a finalist in the Global Citizen category. Our group of 4 of the 6 pupils: Daisy, Megan, Morven and Oliver were very much looking forward to the evening. Two of the pupils – Jolie & Sarah – were unable to be there, but we displayed their photo at the table!



 The Elgin Academy S6 Everyday Sexism Group is…

The Moray Young Global Citizenship Award Winner 2020!

Very proud mentors Mrs Bodiam & Mrs Toonen are delighted that the group’s fantastic work and ground-breaking project were recognised by MYCA. Thanks to Vivienne Cross, Head of Schools and Curriculum Development, The Moray Council, for the wonderful citation, before she presented the pupils with their award. The group received an extremely generous cheque as part of its award and have decided to donate this to Elgin Academy, to continue the work in school. Their legacy!

From Vivienne Cross, Head of Schools and Curriculum Development, The Moray CouncilAn amazing group who are undertaking great work.

 From our funders and supporters, SLICWhat an amazing achievement for this fantastic project which is funded through the School Library Improvement Fund! Congratulations @TeamElginAcad @LibraryatEA. Vvery worthy winners! #SLICfunding #ScottishLibraries

Scottish Teenage Book Prize -sharing presentations for S1 Book Talk Takeover – 12 March 2020

Soon, in the week beginning 16 March, our S3 Scottish Teenage Book Prize pupils will take over the S1 book talk programme.

Sharing the books, their reviews and their book trailers with the younger pupils. With time for Q&A.

 Pupils tried it all out during period 1 on Thursday 12 March and there was great team work on display.

Novelties Book Club – Pomegranates and Fun – 11 March 2020

Rhys was Novelties Book Club director of the book trailer on 11 March.

The pomegranate has to wait for another time for filming. Will it keep?

Which book can this be?

All Novelties pupils read and recorded the author’s words at the back of the novel. So powerful and poignant.

Great team work on display.

Paired Readers – Lights, Camera, Action – 11 March 2020

Filming paired readers began on Wednesday 11 March, with S3 pupil library assistant Kelly’s help.

S6s Esme & Daniel 100% recommend the scheme. They said: “it developed our own skills and reading and developed friendships with S1s.”

S1s Nicole & Joel: “We now want to read more; it was great fun with the S6s and we like coming to the library.




The film is for new S6 cohort to show at their induction in June.

Comic Characters Club – Brainstorming, Reading and Making quizzes – 10 March 2020

There was to think about in Comic Characters Club on 10 March: brainstorming quiz ideas for the summer term Comic Con, as well as a new book to enjoy and chat about.

Hotel Dare is one of the Excelsior Award shortlisted books newly arrived into the library.

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