S1 Book Talks and Happy Readers 21 February 2020

Our new book talks for S1 classes began on Monday 17 February, on Other Times & Places and Different Cultures.

There was lots of books to talk about, with a focus on fabulous books by Judith Kerr, Katherine Rundell and Candy Gourlay.

Classes have enjoyed lively chat about some of the themes in the books:

When there are wars, there are refugees.

Speakeasies & prohibition-era in New York.

Tribes, head-hunting & “The Cut!”

All agreed that the three books have fantastic storytelling and brilliant adventures.

Harris in Class 1.4 thinks Bone Talk by Candy Gourlay sounds amazing! And can’t wait to read it.

Finlay is looking forward to adventures in 1920s New York City in The Good Thieves.

Ryan is ready for a weekend reading Bone Talk, about Samkad in the Philippine jungle

All happy readers!

The Northern Scot Newspaper Feature on The Empower Project Workshops – 21 February 2020

In The Northern Scot newspaper on Friday 21 February, there was a feature on the Empower Project, visiting school on Monday 24 February. Organised and arranged by our S6 Everday Sexism Project pupils.

Putting the fun into fundamental change!

The Northern Scot Newspaper Feature on Doug Johnstone Visit published on 21 February 2020

In The Northern Scot newspaper on Friday 21 February, there was feature on visiting author Doug Johnstone. Doug was in school on 18 February.

Excellent events for #teamEA.

A Collective Force for Health & Wellbeing- NHS Grampian Libraries on Health Information – 20 February 2020

It was lovely to welcome Eilidh McLean from Dr Gray’s Hospital, NHS Grampian Libraries, on Thursday 21 February.

Eilidh delivered an excellent presentation to our senior pupils on Health Information Skills, including @NHSinform; Fake Health News, stories about coronavirus and the big message of the day: Be Informed!

These were such worthwhile sessions and we so recommend them for schools and for library colleagues.

Eilidh said:

“What fantastic young people – thank you for having me over all the way from the library

@DrGrays_Elgin.  #librarytolibrary #acollectiveforceforhealthandwellbeing”.

There are links to helpful websites on the school website. More information can be found in the school library.

Scottish Teenage Book Prize Pupils planning for S1 book talks 20 February 2020

Our S3 Scottish Teenage Book Prize pupils are now busy planning their book talks for next month. All about the 3 shortlisted books.  Look out for the S1 book talk programme #takeover in March.





Rok of the Reds by John Wagner; One Shot by Tanya Landman and  Starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman.

Book Trailers, Books & Biscuits – Novelties Book Club – 19 February 2020

There was so much to talk about in Novelties Book Club on Wednesday 19 February!

Our S1s – Ali, Daniel, Kate & Isabella – are planning a book trailer of The Boy at the Back of the Class. Isobella & Rhys, our seniors, will advise.

Michael in S2 will 🌟 in it.


Also, recent reads, #WorldBookDay and eating biscuits. Guaranteed Good Times!

New Graphic Novels at Comic Characters Meeting 18 February 2020

All eyes were on new graphic novels in Comic Characters Club. Chat with Mr Clark about new books #focused #GreatReads #enjoyment.

Author Doug Johnstone 18 February 2020

We were delighted that Doug Johnstone, fellow of the Royal Literary Fund, returned to school on Thursday 18 February for the second of two inspiring academic writing workshops with Advanced Higher Biology pupils, helping them to bridge the gap between school and university writing.

He visited us last year and worked with Advanced Higher English pupils and he returned to school this week by popular demand! The skills and techniques covered during the workshops will be of huge benefit to our pupils and will help them bridge the gap between school and university writing. Huge thanks to the Bridge project and to the Royal Literary Fund for these visits.

World Book Day planning 17 February 2020

What are Fay & Jessica in S5 up to?

Smiling, at the library desk?

Creating something very red?

That might be read.

Find out on World Book Day in a couple of weeks.

5 March #SaveTheDate 💜📚.

#teamEA #collaborating #connecting #creating #reading #learning #havingfun.

Everyday Sexism Group and The Empower Project 17 February 2020

Our S6 Everyday Sexism Group is very excited about bringing The Empower Project  to school on Monday 24 February, for workshops with interested pupils in S4 – S6.

The Empower Project works with young people, helping to share thoughts about social media, gendered experiences and tech abuse. Senior pupils who are interested in discussing these issues, or want to take an more active role in the school, or just to find out more – should sign up in the S6 social area & outside the assembly hall, or speak to Mrs Toonen, Jolie Henderson & Morven Ross (S6).

This is a great opportunity for pupils to help make our school a more understanding place.

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