National Poetry Day – 2015

National Poetry Day 2015 - Dr Wayne Price

Meeting and working with Dr Wayne Price

On Thursday 8 October, National Poetry Day, the Advanced Higher English class met poet Dr Wayne Price.

We all found the session intriguing, as we learned how to condense ideas and use everyday experiences and objects as stimuli for our own poetry. Dr Price, a skilled and engaging poet, used the universal concept of light as a means of creating poetry.

We began by discussing two contrasting poems, both on the theme of light. One was by Dylan Thomas and the other was by RS Thomas. Following on from this, we were given the opportunity to transfer various images of light into a poetic context. Overall, the session was beneficial and has definitely spiked our interest in writing.

Thank you to Dr Price!

From EA AH English class.

National Poetry Day 2015 - Mr Reid's Wonder Of Light

National Poetry Day 2015 - Staff Poetry Competition

Big shoutout and congratulations to Mr Clark from the English department for winning our National Poetry Day staff poetry competition!

Don’t Look Back
Dylan in the movie
1965: white heat, Bomb-black, Beatle-black
Bond is back
Frost and Carnaby
And England swings like a pendulum.

The airport, the Jet set
Boeing Boeing.
Hair a feedback bramble
Cigarette in limp leaf hand
Inscrutable Ray Bans:
Zimmerman, electric, attacks, beguiles
“What is your message, Mr. Dylan?”
“Keep a good head and,uh, always carry a lightbulb.”
John Baez
Out of the past, after the blast
Folk-song shrill
“Sally, go round the roses”.
Dark lady, dismissed,
A very gentle
Wants to help, man
To clean up the glass
Some cat’s been
Geordie Boy Alan Price
Jemmies a bottle cap
At the piano
Blethering, sweat-sheen.

The Lady mayoress
Bosom buttressed for the bombsites.
Teen sons squirming in adoration receive
As if they were communion wafers.