Paired Readers – 2017 – First Session

Paired Readers – it all begins – September 17

Our senior pupils have been matched with our younger pupils for the 2017/18 paired reading scheme. And it all began on Monday 11 September. Everyone was  excited and  raring to go.

Joshua met Connel, Karolina loves Madiha and George and Liam hit it off with Euan & Sam

Paired readers, Ellie & Euan and McKenzie & Chloe enjoyed getting to know each other. And choosing & reading books together =happy readers!

New paired readers – Lucas in S1 and Julia in S6 – enjoyed sharing Spiderman’s adventures this morning and Holly and Robyn in S1 had a great time sharing Jacqueline Wilson books with S6 reading buddies Charlotte & Daniella.

Paired reading isn’t only for the new S1s…our S2s enjoy it too. Janek, Sam and James told their new paired readers, Chloe and Daniella, all about the books and showed them which ones they liked. There was a big thumbs up from the boys for their new reading buddies.