Preparations of a Dahlicious Day 2017

We were all looking forward to a splendiferous week and especially a lickswishing lunchtime event on Roald Dahl Day, Wednesday 13 September. A very Dahlicious Day was planned.

Preparations for Dahlicious Day

Novelties Book Club & S1 pupils created fab displays for Roald Dahl Day. Everyone was encouraged to peek at the phizz-whizzing poster and see what was to be on offer on the day.  Mr Twit approved of our Dahlicious 50 word reviews. S1 recommendations were on display all week and the S1 votes for favourite Roald Dahl villain piled high on the library desk.


Golden Tickets were counted & results were top secret until the lunchtime event🎉.

Nathan, one of our seniors, kindly stayed late to help with the transformation of the library for Roald Dahl Day. He was not impressed with the worm-eating challenge!


Our villains, Mr Twit beards & Fantastic Mr Fox were all ready for Dahlicious Day. George’s Marvellous Erupting Volcano too. Yikes! Were we in for a jumpsquishingly time? Yes! Everyone was absolutely ready for phizzpopping surprises.

Lickswishing lunchtime fun: splendiferous quiz, George’s Marvellous Erupting Volcano, Golden Ticket Cake & Trunchbull Treats!!



Our Novelties Book Club is officially the best!  Thank you to Isobella, Isla, Hannah & Finn (and mums) for Dahlicious cakes Happy Roald Dahl Day.