Primary Schools

Primary Liaison

The P7 classes visit the library twice a year: November and May. In November, Mrs Toonen reads poetry to the pupils and encourages discussion. The pupils then write a short poem. They are encouraged to browse in the library and look at the books and they are also given a challenge for their return visit in May, which is to design a book cover for their favourite book. The book cover will include information such as the author’s name and title, blurb, a newspaper review and an illustration. There is a prize for the best design from each school. Pupils are also encouraged to speak for a couple of minutes about their choices of books and the inspiration for their designs.

Sensational Seafield Primary School

Seafield P7 pupils visited our library on Wednesday 6 May 2015 to complete their book cover challenge…and in the afternoon, they invited Mrs Toonen to their library. A great time was had by all, with the P7s eager to share their books, reviews and their library with Mrs Toonen. All enjoyed a good chat about books and ideas were shared for future projects. The library tree is a great centre-piece and the library is vibrant, attractive and welcoming, providing an oasis for the Seafield readers. What a lovely place to be!

Book Cover Challenge

P7 pupils entered our library’s recent book cover competition and their entries were judged by the Art department. Staff were very impressed with the quality of all the book cover designs and said that they had a great time looking at the pupils’ illustrations and reading their blurbs. The overall winner was Nicole Watt from Seafield Primary School. The comments from the Art department were:

“The figures spilling over onto the book spine are clever. Also, the introduction to the characters on the back, using little portraits is very interesting.”

Primary School Visits - November / December 2015

Throughout November, P7 classes have been visiting the library to enjoy poetry fun, books and the beanbags. Pupils have had a great time and all are invited for a return visit in the summer term, when they will complete a library challenge.