Ritchie Brown


National Poetry Day Thursday 2 October Elgin Academy

Poetry workshop with visiting poet Richie Brown (performance poet at The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen)

A lightning quick run through the techniques and tools needed to write a poem in one hour. 

A video of Kate Tempest performing ‘Give’ set the tone for writing ‘modern’ poetry slam-style. 

A reminder of the five senses helped to bring out adjectives and noisy verbs.

S6 pupils then selected a title for their ‘Remember’ poem and an idea to work to. Next, they wrote freely for five minutes allowing memories to come through from the back of their minds. Next was some revision of alliteration and onomatopoeia.

Then ‘rhymewells’ were introduced as a technique for looking for rhymes. The pupils spent five minutes creating rhyme wells from their free write. Then there were some examples of poetic forms and rhymes before the pupils were given ten minutes to put it all together. The session ended with several pupils reading their work aloud in front of the class.