Roald Dahl Day 2017

Novelties Book Club is officially the best!  Thank you Isobella, Isla, Hannah & Finn (and mums) for the Dahlicious cakes . The cakes were scrumptilidahlicious!

What a Dahl day and what a mobbed library at lunchtime for our big Dahl-icious event!

The phizz-popping quiz was hard-fought and went to a tie-break. Congratulations to the winning team of Mrs Stewart, Aidan & Ethan. Mr Clark, Quiz Master, announced the S1 Top Villain after the Golden Ticket count. No one caught her. It was Miss Trunchbull!!

Miss Bird from the Geography department was George and what a marvellous experiment she created. We saw and enjoyed watching an erupting dahlicious volcano.

Pinning the Tail on Mr Fox was good fun. What a good sport Mr Meisner from the PE department  is – accepting the worm-eating challenge  and our activity sheets were great fun & the mask-making too. Thank you to our Home Economics department for the Gorgeous Golden Ticket cake.