S1 Book Group (S1 Novelties)

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S1 & S2
Wednesday lunchtimes starting in September
1.20 – 1.40pm

• An S1/S2 book club will run in the library on Wednesday lunchtimes.

• Take part in book challenges, read and discuss books.

• The book club is a great way to make new friends and share thoughts on your favourite books.

• New members are always welcome.


The Novelties Twitter Style Book Reviews



Another Me by Cathy MacPhail Book Review!

Another Me is an amazing book full of drama, horror and twists. Fay is a very realistic character and when I read this book, I felt like I was there with her. Amazing book in general!! ♥♥

@MarcusHubyEA The Da Vinci Code

This book is about the Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon & the dashing Italian scientist, Vittoria Vetra. After Vittoria’s dad was brutally murdered, an unexplainable mystery begins to unfold. A war between the Catholic church & the Illuminati Brotherhood. A thrilling read 


Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

Definitely one of Charles Dickens best stories! Would really recommend it to anyone who loves historical stories and action. Please sir, I want some more. J


While The Others Sleep

The book is about a boy called Alfie who is sent to an asylum to get better because he can’t sleep. A gripping story with a twist in the tale.


Out of the Depths, By Cathy Macphail

Good read and a tad mysterious, for ages around 10 or over. A gripping adventure with ghosts, an old school and a murder. Amazingly written.


Roxy’s Baby by Cathy Macphail

This is a great book and it is about a girl who gets pregnant at a  party and she has to figure out what to do when she moves to London and lives with the evil Dyches.


@Chloe ReidEA


A Medal for Leroy Michael Morpurgo

I really enjoyed this book.

It is about WW2. The main plot of the book is about a young boy called Michael. His father had died at war. He was learning about his grandfather Leroy’s past and how he didn’t get a medal for bravery in WW1 because he was black.


@Megan GillonEA

The Ministry of Pandemonium

Strange, but very interesting!

I would recommend this book to someone who can enjoy strange happenings. One day, Ben tells a story in class, a true story and after the told it, he could see the characters from the true story saying stuff to him. No one else heard the voices except the girl!