S1 Book Talks April 2019

S1 Book Talks April 2019: Keeping It Real Non-Fiction

Real things

  • Real People

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We shall be looking at, reading and discussing:

Nasty Nature (Horrible Science) by Nick Arnold

All the animals in HORRIBLE SCIENCE: NASTY NATURE are the deadliest, most disgusting and nastiest things that nature has to offer! So only read on if you’re ready to find out: how vampire bats slurp blood, what a singing gorilla sounds like, how to dodge a man-eating tiger and which Japanese fish dish can kill you. Redesigned in a bold, funky new look for the next generation of HORRIBLE SCIENCE fans.

Murderous Maths Paperback by Kjartan Poskitt

Find out about how maths could help you rescue someone in deadly peril, how not to shoot yourself with a cannon, and meet famous mathematicians who were really hard. And watch out for One Finger Jimmy, Chainsaw Charlie and their gangster friends, who are living proof that maths can be murderous.


This Book Will (help you) Change The World by Sue Turton

A practical and inspiring guide to activism and politics. This book is a rallying call: if you don’t like the world you see in front of you, don’t blame politicians on the telly. Award-winning journalist Sue Turton’s guide for young people explains the political system that rules our daily lives while also pointing out its shocking flaws – and empowers readers to change the status quo. From disrupting the system from within, via political parties, to forcing change from the outside using petitions, marches, sit-ins and protest art, this book is for anyone who has looked at the world around them and thought We can do better than this. Equipping readers with a practical toolkit to launch their campaigns, the book shows how to detect bias in the media, avoid fake news, harness social media, win debates and much more. Giving young people the tools and confidence they’ll need, This Book Will (Help You) Change the World is the powerhouse guide you might have been waiting for.

Alex Ferguson: a football legend edited by Elizabeth Brent (Wayland)

Find out all about football’s most famous coach! Alex Ferguson, has had an amazing career in the beautiful game. He is famed for his dedication to Manchester United, his passion for football and his determination to win. Today, he is widely credited as the most successful coach in English football history. This book gives you the story behind this incredible man – from his upbringing in a tough part of Glasgow, through his career as a football player in Scotland, to his 26 years in charge of one of the most famous and successful football clubs in the world.

Real-Life Mysteries: Can YOU Explain the Unexplained? by Susan Martineau

Stories about urban myths, real-life mysteries, unexplained happenings.

Have you ever shuddered in horror at ghosts, looked at lights in the sky and wondered about UFOs, or stared across Loch Ness hoping to see our Nessie? You are invited into the world of unsolved mysteries, to read, to analyse the evidence presented, and draw your own conclusions. In a world of fake news, you can be the detective and find out what is fact-based and what is not.

This book is also part of April’s S1 book talks and we will be chatting about the mystery of the Flannan Isles’ missing lighthouse keepers. Find out more in this fascinating book and enjoy sifting, sorting and drawing your own conclusions.

Winner of the Blue Peter Book Awards 2018 ‘Best Book with Facts’.

Invented in Scotland: Scottish Ingenuity and Invention Throughout the Ages by Allan Burnett

In the home, on the road, in business, the classroom, sport, finance, medicine, farming, travel, crime and war, Scottish inventors have truly revolutionised the modern world. In this lavishly illustrated account, Allan Burnett examines the life and works of a host of remarkable individuals whose inventions propelled humanity out of fumbling darkness and into a brighter future, allowing us to work faster, build better, travel further and live longer. Invented in Scotland explains how great ideas and theories were turned into real practical innovations that revolutionised our everyday lives and the struggle of these remarkable people to create products, machines, systems and gadgets that infinitely broadened mankind’s horizons.