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S5/6 Book Group

[warning]S6 Book Club[/warning]

Sophie Thirkell, along with Hayley Laidler, have decided to start an S6 Book Club.

The club will meet monthly in the library to discuss two books that have been decided by the students or recommended by Mrs Toonen.

The first meeting will be 12 September (meetings are on a Wednesday at 3.30pm) and the aim of this meeting is to provide everyone with books and give the date of the next meeting, by which time members will have read both books – ready to discuss!

Notably, there will always be the problem of a shortage of books and so to tackle this, Hayley and Sophie have come up with a solution. Within the group, each person will have a reading partner. This is very easy to do since there is an equal amount of members (two boys and eight girls). Each reading partner will take it in turn to read each book before the next meeting, thus cutting the demands for books in half.

The first selections for the club are ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ by Stephen Chbosky and ‘Everybody Jam’ by Ali Lewis.

For more information, please see Sophie Thirkell, Hayley Laidler or Mrs Toonen.

The First review!

S6 Book Group’s October 12 Read

The Perks of Being a Wallflower – Stephen Chbosky

We read the book as the main character’s (Charlie) letters to an undisclosed recipient. He chose to send them to someone he doesn’t know personally purely because ‘You … didn’t try to sleep with that person at that party even though you could have.’ The book is cleverly structured like this so it gives us complete entry into Charlie’s moods, feelings and reasons for behaving in the way he does as the letters become kind of like diary entries. We learn that he is a sensitive and very venerable character who is also inexperienced with relationships.  This frustrates Charlie because he has just started High School so is nervous to break the social barrier that he feels distances himself from other people. Fortunately Charlie meets some awesome friends, Patrick and Sam, who drag Charlie from the persona of being a ‘wallflower’ into the whirlwind of High School relationships. Charlie learns that being in a social group comes with its own problems and Charlie has to learn the rules from step one. He joins a group of misfits and by the end I think he learns from this group that by throwing away the social norm and getting to the core of a person, it isn’t labels that matter but friendship. The friendship he gains from Sam and Patrick matter more to him than anything else.

The book is brilliantly written with many layers – it also embraces all the elements of a good book such as comedy, loss, friendship and love. It can be compared to J.D Salinger’s ‘The Catcher in theRye’.

Sophie Thirkell