Scottish Teenage Book Prize 18

Scottish Teenage Book Prize: Welcome to Nowhere –8 November

What a thought-provoking discussion we all enjoyed in our book discussion on 8 November.

The group felt, unanimously, that the book broadened their perspective. It made the situation very relevant. Books like this pose questions and make us really think.

Aimee admired Omar’s mother the most. It was good to see her grow and change and she was clearly a strong woman, whose relationships with her family were alive and real.

The passage that packed the most emotional punch for the group was the one on page 304, all about Nadia. As a reader, you were suddenly aware of her and of her awful health problems.

Omar’s dad: he tired himself out, trying to keep everything together. He appeared strong, but he wasn’t & didn’t know how to keep things together.

Rhys felt that that one of the themes was leadership and Omar’s journey illustrated this.

Moya said that the ending seemed like a happy one, but we don’t know if it is. It would be good to know. How would this family from Syria settle in our country? Would they be happy?