Scottish Teenage Book Prize 2019 – Winner and Pupils’ Successes – 27 February 2019

An S3 group has been participating in this award since October with Librarian Shelagh Toonen and English teacher Douglas Clark and on 27 February, the school was told of outstanding successes in this national award. We loved the project this year and again it was a fantastic experience for us all. It was all about Reading, Collaboration, Brilliant Books, Learning and Fun! Thank you Scottish Book Trust.

The winner of the Scottish Teenage Book Prize 2019 was announced on the morning of Wednesday 27 February and our pupils were in the library and looking forward to the Big Reveal from Scottish Book Trust.

👀 What excitements! Who is the winner of the Scottish Teenage Book Prize?…..

Huge congratulations to John Young. The 2019 winner and author of Farewell Tour of an Eternal Optimist.

We enjoyed all of the shortlisted books, the chat, the activities and the competitions.

Well, after that….

Did we have good news? Yes we did! Time for the announcements about the Graphic Novel and Book Trailer competitions

Massive congratulations to Sophia Bokor and Ellis Cockburn, who are the WINNERS of The Scottish Teenage Book Prize 2019 GRAPHIC NOVEL COMPETITION for their joint entry. We are all so delighted for Sophia and Ellis and lots of celebrations for them 📚🎉,

Sophia Bokor, Ellis Cockburn, Medi Saracevic, Amy Errington and Claudia Spencer were highly commended for their book trailer entries.  . 🎉📽️🎦👏Magnificent work from the girls.

Well done to all pupils who participated in this project and in the competitions and huge congratulations to all our winners. There was a very happy Mrs Toonen and Mr Clark and we are extremely proud of all the pupils who were involved in this year’s project and their outstanding achievements in the 2019 Scottish Teenage Book Prize competitions.

The Scottish Teenage Book Prize is run by Scottish Book Trust, the national charity transforming lives through reading and writing, and is supported by Creative Scotland. Young people in schools across Scotland participated in the award and voted for their favourite title.

We had an amazing time and we recommend the Scottish Teenage Book Prize project. Make sure you sign up next year!

See our competition winners and highly commended pupils’ work here:


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