Speakers’ corner – Morgan Conti

Morgan Conti in S1 talked to a gripped audience in Speaker’s Corner about her family’s hosting and work with children from Chernobyl. She showed us her dad’s musical video of the children at Duffus castle last year and about some of the events and activities she has been involved in with the children.
This talk was “awesome” and amazing” and a huge thumbs up to Morgan for a fascinating talk.

Friends of Chernobyl’s Children is a charity that funds and organises yearly visits for Belarusian children from disadvantaged social backgrounds to the UK, where they stay with host families for temporary recuperative care. The charity targets particularly needy children from seven to twelve years of age, who are often in need of dental and medical attention, education, and tender loving care. The children, from the badly contaminated areas of Belarus, come for one month every year for five consecutive years, which has been shown to have a significant effect up on their overall quality of life, their happiness, health and well-being.