Mr MacWhirter

Star Reader Of The Month

The boys from The Novelties Book Club: Daniel Campbell, Jacob Holder,  Matthew Hamilton and Jamie Rankin, interview a member of staff each month about their books and reading choices.

These interviews are a great way for all in school to learn about lots of different books and to hear why reading is something we should all do, every day and also be something we enjoy!

Star Reader Of The Month

This month, we interviewed Mr McWhirter about his favourite book and books in general. The book he talked to us about was

The Children of Green Knowe.

It was written by Lucy M. Boston.

Mr McWhirter discovered this book when he was aged 10. It is about a boy called Toseland who lives abroad with his mother. His mother dies and his dad can’t look after him so he goes and lives with his grandmother at Green Knowe. It is a large house with ghost children and ghost deer from the 17th century.  Toseland’s grandmother needs some money to pay for the house and Toseland hears about a myth of buried treasure and with help from the ghosts he finds the treasure and tells his grandmother. She uses the money to pay for the house and they all live happily ever after.

We then asked Mr McWhirter some questions about books in general:

  • We found out that his favourite author is Stephen King.
  • His favourite lesson in a book is that there is always someone looking out for you.
  • He is currently reading Wuthering Heights.
  • The weirdest book he has ever read was Antiquarian and Mythological Standings.


Interviewed by Jamie Rankin, Daniel Campbell, Jacob Holder & Mathew Campbell.

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