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Staff Childhood Favourites

Miss Newbould – Penguin’s Progress

I loved reading as a child, mainly about animals- Spot the Dog, Sophie’s Snail, Paddington Bear, Beatrix Potter, Winnie The Pooh, The Owl Who Was Afraid of The Dark but one that I discovered in our primary school library that my friend and I loved was called- “Penguin’s Progress” (also by Jill Tomlinson) which told the story of Otto the penguin chick and growing up in Antarctica. I learnt an awful lot about penguins from this book, especially how they live, it was really interesting.

Mr Clark – The Dark is Rising

This was probably my favourite book as an older child- besides the Target Dr. Who books- through the auspices of the school library and the Puffin Club.

It is a time-travel fantasy set in the early 70s at Xmas. It draws on pagan imagery and as such is a distant, junior cousin of the British folk-horror movement. It also deals very delicately with miscarriage in a lovely little scene about dressing the Xmas tree.

It was adapted as a US tv movie with Eccleston- but it’s not very good.

Mrs Forster – Famous Five

The Famous Five books by Enid Blyton were the first books which I couldn’t read enough off. They were adventure stories about a group of children and a dog. They would solve mysteries and crimes together, they had a gang hut and they spent all the time looking over clues and drinking lemonade. One of the characters Georgina was a bit of a tom boy and I could relate to her at the age of 9. The leader of the gang was Julian, who was very sensible and clever, and who I thought would make the most perfect boyfriend.  My sister and I used to buy the books second hand from charity shops for 10p. We would have competitions against each other as to who could read the most over a summer. I always won! I still have them now in my bookshelf at home and even though they seem fairly dated my daughter has started reading them.

Mrs Gordon

The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe from CS Lewis Narnia books because I always enjoyed reading science fiction and fantasy. An Ice Queen, talking lion, the magic wardrobe together with an appearance from Santa meant that you never got bored with what happened next.

Mrs Hendry

My favourite was ‘Eight Cousins’ by Louisa May Alcott. It caught my imagination and described a wonderful world of adventures of a young orphan girl sent to live with her 7 boy cousins.  

Mrs Hird

One book I was given by my auntie I was enthralled with, which was the story about King Arthur by Roger Lancelyn Green. My maiden name is Arthur and although I now realise that Arthur was his first name at that time, I thought I could be descended.  At school I was called Queen Arthur (as well as other names) so obviously my peers had the same thoughts.  I have kept my interest in the Arthur legion to this day and love reading theories etc about it.  

Mrs Lee

A series of books that I really enjoyed, I must have been about ten years old, were ‘The Adventure Books’ by Willard Price. It focussed on two teenage brothers Hal and Roger Hunt who travelled around the world having adventures. Titles in the series include ‘Gorilla Adventure’ and ‘Amazon Adventure’.

I thought the adventures were really exciting, and imagined that when I finally became a teenager the possibilities for such adventures would be endless.

Mrs Toonen I loved Anne of Green Gables,

with her red hair, love of cherry blossoms and her quick temper.

She is smart, honest and funny. She combines interests in books and clothes with ambition and daring. She is caught up in an imaginative vision of herself as “an enchanted princess shut up in a lonely tower with a handsome knight riding to her rescue on a coal-black steed.” At the same time, Anne is cool and courageous in a crisis and fiercely determined that she prove herself Gilbert Blythe’s equal in scholarship. My childhood heroine, for sure.

Ms Lyall

I loved the Pippi Longstocking books by Astrid Lindgren. They were very funny, and Pippi was such a strong, independent, unconventional character. She was also very kind and generous with a very strong sense of right and wrong. I admired her disregard for authority and was envious of her lifestyle! 

Mr Dugdale

My favourite childhood book is D.K.Broster’s  The Flight of the Heron – rollicking tale set in Jacobite times, as I recall.  Read several times as a wee boy.