Staff Book Group – Driftnet by Lin Anderson

Staff Book Group September 2017 – Driftnet by Lin Anderson

The Staff Book Group on 19 September  was all about visiting author Lin Anderson’s book Driftnet.

The first in the gritty, atmospheric Rhona Macelod crime series. ‘The boy who had been abused and strangled in that hideous little room looked so like her, he could have been her brother…’

A teenage boy is found mutilated and murdered in a Glasgow flat. Forensic scientist Rhona Macleod is called to the scene, but her grim task is made even more unsettling than usual by the boy’s remarkable resemblance to her – and the fact that she gave up a baby boy for adoption seventeen years before.

Racked with guilt, she sets out to find the boy’s killer and determine whether he is her long-lost son – but in doing so, she immerses herself in the sinister world of an internet paedophile ring. Some very powerful men have a lot to lose if she succeeds, and everything to gain if she dies.