The Scottish Children’s Book Awards 2015

The Scottish Children's Book Award 2015

The Scottish Children’s Book Awards Ceremony took place on Wednesday 4 March, at the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh and eleven S3 pupils attended the ceremony, accompanied by Mrs Toonen and Mrs Havinden. 

Outstanding Successes for Elgin Academy Pupils

The winners of this year’s SCBA book trailer competition were Morven Cumming, Anais Bliault and Ben Reid. Scottish Book Trust will be showcasing the trailer as a permanent feature of their website. It is also available to view via the school website.

Congratulations twice to Anais Bliault, who won second prize in the review competition for her written review of Mosi’s War. 

Kia Munro writes:

We started the day off with a few fun questions, then we got to meet the authors and the host had a few questions for them. I’ll admit that this part was a bit boring, because at most points, I couldn’t hear what they were saying, as the hall was quite noisy.

I liked all the authors’ speeches, but I found Cathy Macphail’s the most inspiring, as she left school when she was 15 and thought that she would never become a writer, but she worked very hard and clearly it has paid off. She is the winner of this year’s Scottish Book Award!

The pupil winners of the review and book trailer competitions were announced and the winning book trailer – from Elgin Academy – was shown. We participated in a quiz about the three short-listed books and some book general knowledge questions as well, which was quite exciting.

The authors came round and spoke to us, which was amazing and they were all so nice. We were congratulated a lot about our book trailer and we even got interviewed for the Scottish Book Trust website. Overall, it was an amazing and inspirational day.

Other comments from the S3 pupils include:

  • Inspirational and motivational
  • A brilliant day
  • Great to have the authors come and talk to us at the end of the quiz.


 Cathy Macphail 

Winner of The Scottish Children’s Book Award 2015 

(12-16 years category) for Mosi’s War.